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Существует ли чудо

OpenNET: статья - In4mix SE под SCO - существует ли такое чудо в пpиpоде? I am very glad to speak to you! Yes, online dsa 7. UC2 for sco 3. You'll have to install on your linux box существует ли чудо libnsl : library responsible for providing the user level API for the TLI networking. You can find them on any linux site. If a customer was to put a SCO port of ODS onto Linux, would they receive the normal level of support? Even though it works. UC2 for sco 3. First, he downloaded the GNU compiler sources, and compiled it to generate a new compiler that generates SCO executables. Then, he installed the required SCO libraries for development from существует ли чудо SCO development kit. His technique is to do a cross-generation: he generates SCO executables under Linux. Then, the SCO executables are executed by the iBCS module. I could contact again this person, to get more details, but I would only dare to disturb существует ли чудо if you feel you will need this information professionally. BTW, I'm lurking those fanatic Linuxers mailing list, and I cannot understand their position. The Linux port does already exist: it is the SCO port. They only have to make our SCO binaries work. Even though it works. No, they would not. This is why those fanatic Linuxers are trying to существует ли чудо us to OFFICIALLY support Linux.

Наталья Хрущ

В Новый год, как в детстве, я жду какого-то чуда.